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All dams are DNA tested, Hips and elbows OFA scored, AKC Registered,  and have had countless hours of training and stimulation to determine if they are a good fit for our program. We like Bold, Happy and Healthy Puppies and this exactly what we strive to achieve. 


She is the full package of style, beauty and compassion. Sparrow is a personal female of David's. If you cant find her she is either sleeping in between David and Christiana or she is locked in on a group of mallards breaking the tree tops. At 50 pounds she makes for awesome size.

This has been a line that David has worked with since he had Sparrows grandmother then leading to her mother and now the next generation "Sparrows grandmother was very special to me.... her mother was extremely special to me.... Sparrow had big shoes to fill and she has continued to impress me everyday. Her elders would be quite proud."



As important as it is to have a good dam it is just as important to have a good sire. All of our sires are proven males in the field and in the household. From their style in the field to their laidback attitude in the house and their chiseled looks these boys check all the boxes. Most importantly they seem to put a stamp on their puppies and that is key when looking for consistency in a successful program.


There really are not enough words to describe Banks. His Character far surpasses most...A proven dog in the field that is a joy to be around. He offers a package of a hard charging male that you can't help but call dibs on standing beside him in the woods but then  comes home to hang with all the kids and lay by the fire. Very smart and easy to train. His stunning looks and chiseled chest make him quite easy on the eyes also. 



Stunning, Bold, Proven, Bitable, an all around fun dog to be around. Trigger spends his days playing with grandkids around the pool or picking up ducks for his owner at their farm. There has not and will not be a bad day for Trigger. He is a sight to see in the field! His goals in life are to please his family and pick up ducks and he seems to hit his goals daily!! If you are thinking about getting a puppy out of a Trigger litter do no think twice you wont regret it!


All sires and dams live off site in loving families. We like to have it this way because no dog should live their life in a kennel.   Ever. 

"These dogs thrive on relationships and we are going to make sure they do.."

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