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We are a small, family-owned business in Middle Tennessee that strives to produce well trained dogs, high Quality British Labrador puppies and import dogs that bring new dimension to the states. This is a place you can bring your dog and leave knowing they are in a place where cleanliness and care is our top priority. Being a small kennel allows us to give each dog more than adequate time and care needed to ensure a happy, confident and healthy lifestyle while they spend their time with us. We customize our care based on your dogs needs and desires. We look to ensure your dog will be only worked with a professional and will receive the attention and knowledge needed to complete their time at Harpeth River in a proper and timely manner. We give our full dedication to these dogs and we enjoy every second of it. 

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After the family's first dog passed away when David was 15 years old his parents brought home a 8 week old Boykin Spaniel (Belle). Right away David made it a point to work with Belle to be awesome in the field and be a go anywhere kind of dog. His parents will tell you this was the first spark of what has become David's passion in life.

 "I was always the guy at my buddies house or at duck camp hanging out in the backyard or on the couch with the dogs that were there, looking back it was like it always meant to be."


Growing up with dogs was only the beginning, shortly after David began his college career he quickly realized he was going to need to get a job... as most young men do.

It was not long after this realization he came across a position with a local kennel and began learning the ropes. After 11 years of honing his skills he decided to move back home and open what would be known as Harpeth River Kennels.  

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